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small Business GRANT


The Jersey City Project is proud to offer our Small Business Grant Fund. This program was created to support those businesses owned and operated in Jersey City—businesses that contribute to our diverse, vibrant, thriving community. We accept grant proposals in three categories:



For businesses needing help with any kind of marketing, public relations, or communications work. Examples of the types of work grant funds could go toward: website design, social media support, graphic design, ad campaigns, media outreach, store signage, email marketing, printed brochures or mailers, copywriting.



For businesses needing help paying for equipment or equipment upgrades, renovations, or construction work to their storefront or manufacturing location. Grant funds could also be used toward the build out of new or existing locations.



For businesses that have experienced an unforeseen physical or natural disaster that has seriously impacted their ability to operate. This grant can be used in any way to help make repairs or cover the loss of revenue from such disasters.


Any business owned and operated in Jersey City, NJ is eligible to apply for our Small Business Grant Funds. Businesses can only submit one grant application each funding period. Grant recipients are selected by a third-party review board of community members who live and work in Jersey City. Please read our Grant Fund Terms and Conditions prior to completing the application. Click here to see our 2018 Grant Winners.