We represent Jersey City.


The Jersey City Project is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit made up of people that live and work in Jersey City.


We believe that a strong local economy leads to a thriving community.

 Our team is dedicated to providing a support structure for the businesses that make Jersey City such a beautiful and diverse place.



The Jersey City Project, Inc. was born out of a love for where we live, a burgeoning city rich with history and ripe with new development. The nonprofit believes that small businesses are the connective tissue that build neighborhoods and strengthen a community.   

When Hurricane Sandy flooded large sections of Jersey City in the fall of 2012, many local small businesses found themselves not only dealing with the damage done to their homes but also the destruction done to their storefronts, restaurants, and warehouses. With their livelihood at risk, many local businesses faced an uncertain future—reeling from construction costs and damaged merchandise, and losing income every day their businesses remained shuttered.

In the aftermath of the storm, local shop owners Kristen Scalia and Elizabeth Cain shared their frustrations at the lack of a support network for the local business community. Both experienced firsthand how vulnerable theirs and other businesses were to forces outside their control, and how scary it could be to navigate those waters alone. Both also strongly believed that local businesses were crucial to a thriving Jersey City economy, and wanted to make it easier for entrepreneurs to launch and sustain businesses here.


Our Work. Our Home.

Using their collective network of small business associates and past work history, Kristen and Elizabeth decided to create The Jersey City Project. The organization launched in December 2013 with Project: MARKET, a holiday market featuring local goods and food vendors. Project: EATS, a local food festival, followed the next summer. Both events were designed to provide exposure and new markets to local businesses while offering exciting opportunities for the rest of the Jersey City community to EAT, DRINK, SHOP.

The success of MARKET and EATS led to the next program, the Small Business Grant Fund. Launched in 2018, the grants have provided numerous Jersey City businesses with financial resources needed to expand operations or emergency relief help from unforeseen physical or natural disasters. The Jersey City Project continues to roll out new programming designed to support local businesses and develop partnerships with other nonprofits dedicated to strengthening the Jersey City community. 


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